WTF Mugs

If you enjoy drinking your morning cup of coffee in a personalized, printed mug, you'll probably want to take a look at this to see some great designs that you might like to have too.

coffee cupHumorous and thought-provoking printed coffee mug messages are great for lightening up the kitchen in the morning or the office during the day. There are some really amazing designs already out there with endless more to come as sellers work to increase their portfolios.

A Mug that Says it all About You

You can buy yourself a really clever cup with a printed slogan that defines how you feel in the mornings or relates to your job or favorite hobby. Or someone can buy you one as a gift!

However you end up receiving it, you'll be drinking from your own personally messaged drinking vessel and loving every raised eyebrow or surprised glance from someone who hasn't seen it before!

Of course, we don't all drink just coffee in a cup or a mug. Many people prefer to drink black, red or green tea, hot chocolate or cocoa, herbal teas and infusions and a whole lot more besides. That opens up the scope for printed messages for all kinds of beverage drinkers!

What Do You Drink?

Well, what is your favorite hot beverage?